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The mysterious golden nanmu

At 3:00pm on Sept. 27th, the lecture of “Mysterious golden nanmu——the gold buried under the ground for millennium” was held in Beijing China Conference. The lecture was held by Zanhua Arts House,given by the Wang Mingliang, director of Beijing Oriental Shenmu Cultural Exchange Center, curator of ebony gold nanmu collection. The lecture was one of the series of activities of the forum for praising the Chinese nation, on that day there were about over 40 scholars, collectors etc. of people present, who were paying close attention to gold nanmu culture. The gold nanmu is of the highest grade among the Machilus tree varieties, since ancient times, it has been the royal dedicated wood, at present, the golden nanmu is the tree species protected by the state. With the enhancement of people’s material and cultural living standards as well as the regression of Chinese traditional culture, the gold nanmu furniture only used by the royal household formerly starts to get popular in the classical furniture market, in recent years, the price has been soaring all the way, at the same time the statements of various kinds of different versions have increased the market confusion, with an urgent need for clarification. For this lecture, Director Wang Mingliang gave the profound lecture in simple terms by means of explanation of the term , a comparison of the characteristics of golden nanmu and ebony golden nanmu, the identification of various kinds of wood, precious scarcity of ebony golden nanmu, market situation at present of the five aspects, giving a vivid cultural lesson about the golden nanmu for the participants.

Director of Beijing Oriental Shenmu Cultural Exchange Center, curator of Ebony Golden Nanmu Collection, Mr. Wang Mingliang
Setting fire to the raw wood sample on the spot, by means of the burning characteristics and special odor, distinguishing the material of the golden nanmu.
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Pictures for the on-the-spot lecture contents:
I. Ebony, golden nanmu and ebony golden nanmu
Golden nanmu
Ebony golden nanmu

II. Golden nanmu board and ebony golden nanmu board
Golden nanmu board
Ebony golden nanmu board

III. Pictures of other nanmu timber
Yellow core nanmu

III. Appreciation of Mr. Wang Mingliang’s collection
Huaxia Extreme
Huaxia Extreme is the peculiar valuable and rare ebony golden nanmu owned by the Chinese nation, going through two years of carving, it is of the whole wood and full carving. The golden nanmu has been deposited under the ground for over 6400 years(special authentication by archaeological institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). It is 3.5 m high, 2m wide. What are shown in front of us are the five great dragons with the vigorous five claws, writhing up and down in the iridescent cloud,playing with the beads from heaven, it symbolizes the harmony and unity of the Chinese nation, full of life and flourishing. The design concept of Huaxia Extreme is meticulous and precise, the extensive workmanship reveals fineness and smoothness, the magnificence embodies the tininess. Having an overview of the five five-claw golden dragons, they are true to life,vividly revealed, providing a dignified look to people, making people feel shocked, it is indeed the Huaxia Extreme.
The lotus throne
The lotus throne is one wood and one ware, all are made of the carefully selected golden nanmu deposited under the ground for 3410 years(special authentication by the archaeological institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences ).The workmanship of the throne is exquisite and solemn, distinguished, with the very royal style. At the same time, it also demonstrates the profound elegance of the Chinese nation, it is the surviving treasure.
The Gold Cupboard No.1
The Gold Cupboard No.1 is one wood and one ware, 2.45 meters high, 2.36 meters wide, 0.59 meters thick. The whole cabinet is made of ebony golden nanmu in two years, selected from the royal golden nanmu collection place of dynasties Ming and Qing-Sichuan, and deposited under the ground for thousands of years. The door plank of the top cabinet, the door plank of the lower cabinet and the lower skirtboard are all the entire board. The over 50 square foot front of the gold cabinet is the rare and valuable shadow wood of ebony golden nanmu, splendid and magnificent, dazzling. The shadow patterns on the board of the top cabinet are like floating clouds, high mountains, ripples; the lower shadow patterns give people a sense of transparency and third dimension. The front closet of the gold cabinet is made of more valuable selected raindrop shadow wood. The inner board and panel of the gold cabinet echo each other, under the shining of the light-rays, the spun gold is sparkling. The gold cabinet No.1 is the surviving treasure, being treasured up by high-end collectors.

Brief introduction of Wang Mingliang :
Director Wang Mingliang was once engaged in auction work for a long term, was one of the domestic authoritative experts setting foot in golden nanmu at the earliest. In recent years, the market for golen nanmu is like a mess, in order to render a true golden nanmu to the collectors and consumers,only BTV has made the feature programs for the curator Wang Mingliang in the form of interviews for successively five times. What have been observed only by the reporter are:The man of “Nanmu”, The battle for ebony, Breaking the code of golden nanmu, Bright life hiding gold in the wood. Especially at the eve of “315” of 2012, Beijing Consumer Association specially invited Wang Mingliang to be the guest at Beijing Satellite Television, letting director Wang Mingliang tell the audiences what the real golden nanmu is, then giving the hint in the name of consumer association: it must be cautious to purchase golden nanmu furniture.

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