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Harmony Teapot

Designed by:Zhang Shouzhi
Engraved by:Primary side—harmony(ancient writing of “harmony”) 
                    Secondary side——harmony based, harmony in diversity. Inscribed by Professor Huang Zhong
Back stamp:designed by Shouzhi, teapot art of Junfeng
Ancient and modern demeanour of big nation :Seal engraved by famous calligraphy engraver Liu Xiaoyu Material:bottom kerf blue green
The shape of the pot is mellow, full, broad and profound, manifesting the spirit of tolerating the diversity, wide heart embracing all, fully embodying the spirit of “ great harmony”, that is “syncretism between heaven and man”(harmony of man and nature), social harmony (harmony of people and people), harmony of life (harmony of man and itself);the so-called “difference”,refers to each member of the “family ”has different specialties, different personalities, different styles.

Wu Junfeng, born in the year of 1975, his red stoneware works continue the quintessence of predecessors, blended into the contemporary thoughts and ideas, making the red stoneware stunt of this red stoneware flowery pot reveal the different luster. Such as his works Blessing and longevity wishing pot, Pot for family happiness, Pot of cool breeze and bamboo shadow etc. of works, taking the old and strong branch stem as the handle, vivid, tall and graceful, peach leaf, branches and tendrils, flowers and fruits as the basis, with different modes of life, well-proportioned, with exquisite and reasonable layout, wonderful workmanship excelling nature, each piece of work deserves to be called perfect artwork. The different properties, purposes, and artistic styles are combined perfectly, they have become the wonderful and miraculous artworks with high harmony between pragmatism and beauty. His work of Pot of family happiness has been collected by Ziguang Pavilion of Zhong-nan-hai.

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