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Height :48cm
Abdominal diameter:28cm
Lotus is highly appreciated by people with the noble sentiment of emerging unstained from the filth,therefore there are numerous works with the theme based on it. This gentleman has integrated his lifelong portrayal into the works with the unique perspective and profound artistic connotation. Though he is getting into his seventies, the flower of his artistic life is increasingly bursting into bloom the living wisdom. Lotus leaf acts out of normal behavior, having the perfect combination with the ware shape with the drooping modest and gentle state. His work is unfolding and grand, with lofty realm,which can enrich people’s imagination in the attentive and quiet mental state while enjoying the sight of it.

Chen Yanglong (1941-2013) Chinese arts and crafts master, inheritor of intangible cultural heritage “Liling underglaze color”. Born in an old and well-known family of ceramics, in his creation, he goes into the thick of life, putting into practice lots of sketching, collecting materials, applying the technique of realistic quality, ornamental jigsaws, making the works return to nature, elegant and light, intangible and graceful, with noble and unsullied modality, presenting a kind of indifferent and detached attitude, its style is nothing in common, having a far-reaching influence.

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